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About the Firm

Founded in 2005 as a technical and business training institute, Bellamy Business, has developed and matured into a powerhouse advocate for entrepreneurship and economic development. Our core business is “Turn Key Development” for seedling businesses, start up’s and established businesses. “Turn Key Development” is simply framing, organizing, and promoting your small business with the same planning and processing that an emerging franchise would go through to be approved as a viable franchise opportunity to the investing public by the state and federal governments.

As The Small Business Experts our business is truly your success! Navigating a successful flight is a synchronized partnership between the crew on board, and tower control; unfortunately it is those that decide to fly alone, without clearance, and without advice that don’t reach their desired destinations. Last year one million businesses failed, before, or just after their first anniversary. Don’t fly alone, let us navigate the skies, and we promise not to fall asleep at the controls.

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